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About Us

WinnersView is a new digital sports service that makes you smarter about the game you love.

Any sports site can tell you the who and what—who won, with what highlights. WinnersView provides the why and how behind winning and losing—keys not just for tonight’s games, but for the rest of the season.

How do we do this? The WinnersView team includes some of the world’s sharpest data analysts who are constantly digging through vast amounts of sports statistics and information to bring you unparalleled insights about your favorite teams and athletes.

Available across web, mobile, and TV, you can enjoy WinnersView on your terms:

* Kick back and watch WinnersView Original Series: Snack-sized video shows that tell differentiated sports stories through a data-driven lens; or

* Take control of the game with the WinnersView Daily FANtasy Dashboard: Easy to use, visually stimulating data and tools to make your daily fantasy sports roster selection easier, more fun, and more likely to be winners.

WinnersView is currently presented as a beta product, being tested in three markets: Dallas, Portland, and Washington, D.C. If you have feedback on the product or programming, please let us know here.

Initially focusing on the NBA and NHL, WinnersView will grow to encompass a broad range of sports with national coverage.  

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WinnersView is a joint venture of TEGNA and ViewLift.